Impact 89FM WDBM

I wanted to work for Michigan State’s student radio station before I even applied to the university. Growing up down the street, I listened to 88.9 FM in the car since I was a child, and the station played a crucial role in developing my music taste.

As fate would have it, I got the chance to volunteer for The Impact as a freshman writing content for the station’s website. As college went on, I worked my way up the ranks until I gained the position that my boss once held, Managing Editor.

As the Managing Editor, I oversee all the music content posted on our website, This involves me leading a wonderful team of volunteers as we brainstorm content for the site as well as editing their writing. Below, I’ve outlined some of my favorite projects that I’ve completed at The Impact.

Hear Me Out

I’m a firm believer that quality video content is one of the most surefire ways to promote a brand. It doesn’t hurt if its funny, too.

Hear Me Out videos are rapid-fire album reviews with quick, witty jokes and hot takes on music from all genres. No one is safe.

My department collaborates with our video team to create these videos. The volunteers and I write the scripts and star in each video (you might see a familiar face in the one below). I also help edit the videos with video team volunteers and their wonderful director. The whole process is a blast, and you can check out a sampling of the Hear Me Out videos at this link.


As a student radio station, The Impact experiences a lot of turnover with people graduating college and whatnot. This makes it crucial for the staff to continuously pass down their knowledge. One way that I do that is by leading the team in workshops.

A few of the subjects we cover include AP Style, document design, interview tactics, and SEO. Here is a link to a few of the presentations and resources I created for the team.


If you want more insight into my passion for college radio and how goofy my father and I are, you can check out this article.