Ing Magazine

Working at Ing Magazine allowed me to experience almost every aspect of magazine publishing. As part of a small, tight-knit staff I wrote, edited, planned events, and eventually acted as the publication’s Digital Content Manager in charge of our blog content. As a result, I have a lot to show for the experience in terms of portfolio pieces.


From brainstorming to interviewing to editing, creating the print issue for Ing was always a busy, yet enjoyable process. Here are a few of my favorite articles for Ing.


My graphic design skills came in handy for Ing. From events to infographics, there was a lot to create. Below is a flyer that I made for our event in the spring of 2018 and an infographic I made to guide newcomers to the team through our Google Drive (click to expand).


The blog allowed me to exercise my voice and add more humor to my writing than the print issue. Here are links to some of those posts, ranging from satirical to informative (but mostly satirical).