Film Projects

I realized I had a passion for visual storytelling while making my first film ever, a Romeo and Juliet project for my ninth-grade English class. There’s just something that draws me to the idea of making films. My desire to make quality video content has led me down a path of taking on filmmaking roles in all aspects of production, pre- and post-production and all the in-between. As a film studies minor, I have dedicated a lot of time to the study and practice of film theory. Here are a few of those passion projects.

Pre-Production: My Screenplays

What better way to combine my loves of writing and film than with screenwriting? Over the course of my collegiate career, I have written two original feature-length screenplays.

The first, Um Cai Cai (“the diver” in Brazilian-Portuguese Slangdetails the story of Enzo, a promising young soccer star playing for a team in rural Brazil. Enzo dives to give his team a crucial penalty kick in a match, resulting in violent reactions from the fans and a tragic death in the resulting stampede. The guilt of the incident plagues him as he tries to get his career back on track, but for him “the beautiful game” has been changed forever.

You can read an excerpt of the script for Um Cai Cai here.

My second script, The Bob Ormond Band, focuses on a young rock’n’roll band in the 1960s and the millionaire who decides to back them—on the condition that he gets to join the band. It’s a story about artistic integrity based on the real-life story of the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.

You can read an excerpt from The Bob Ormond Band here.

Documentary Production: It’s Not That I Don’t Like Straight People…

This is a documentary about the transgender community and Michigan State University and the experiences of the two subjects. I served as the lead editor and cinematographer for the project. You can view the entire film below.